Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pastor Retreat Centers and Vacation Spots

Many of you know I like to look for deals for pastors and their families. Here is a website with ALOT ofchoices.

FYI on some:

Whitestone Inn in TN offers 50% discount Sun-Thurs on room only plus $15 fee (see the pics!!!)

Triple Creek Ranch in IL is now in CO (free for entire family). You book this 4 months in advance and you get one prime time week for life I believe (summer/ holiday) but unlimited off season weeks (Sept.-May).

The people at Deer Ridge in IL are great people and have free 5 day retreat and meals included(couples only).

Pastors Retreat Network is Cedarly in WI (marvelous!) and other centers in TX and OH also have free 5 day retreats including meals (couples only). You get to use this once every two years.

Just thought you might want to look through these before the summer vacation plans are made. Many campgrounds and Band B's offer free or discounted rates too.

Have fun!!


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