Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Using all those other coupons

What about everything else? I just figured this one out in the past 6 months. I bought another file like my grocery store files and labeled them as follows and I gave some ideas of what mine might include:

Pizza(Pizza Hut, Marcos, Dominos)
Fast Food (Mc D's, Wendys, Subway)
Dining out(Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Perkins, local restaurants)
Coffee(local coffee coupons)
Home and Garden( Local garden store, Bed bath and Beyond)
Toys(Toys R us)
Clothes(Kohls discounts, Childrens Place)
Misc. (Bath and Body Works)
Golf (local places)
Entertainment (movie popcorn deals, Chuck E Cheese coin deals)

You can add the labels that you collect coupons for. I try to keep this one in the car so I always have it when I am out.

I always buy coupon books too like the Entertaiment book. One idea if you have a hard time remembering what is in that book that you want to use is to cut out the coupons you think you will use then put them in this file where you will look more often.


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