Saturday, August 05, 2006

ONE OF MY BEST DEALS EVER! I just paid 75 cents for an $118.95 LLbean clothing order -- NEW! and will be shipped to my very own home. Here is how I did it:
1. Had saved up cash back bonus on the Discover card ( had a huge purchase that we could have written a check for but I wanted to get $100 cash back instead and write the check a month late ! :)

2. Used my Cash back bonus with LLbean and for every $40 you redeem LLbean will give you $50.

3. I have an LLbean Visa that I only use for LLBean purchases so I can get free shipping, free monogramming and bonus points. ( saved 7.95 on shipping).

4. I had just received a $10 bonus for my previous purchases at LLbean.

5. Bought everything from the sale section of the website. (So it would have been 68.95 for the order even with everything on sale).

Yippee! Boy this is fun!