Monday, April 24, 2006


We have been talking to our 3 year old daughter the past day or two about having the Binky (pacifier) Fairy come. We told her that if she put her binky under her pillow in the morning she would wake up and something would be under her pillow. I asked her what she wanted the Binky Fairy to bring: a toy, candy, money, or a book. She said she wanted a book. So last night before bed she began to cry "I don't want the Binky Fairy to come!" Well-- as I put her to bed we put it under there(for a second I am sure-- I ran out the down and didn't see but I am quite certain she had it out even before I left the room). When the Binky Fairy came she had to look to see where it her hand under the blankets a little. The Binky Fairy took it anyways and left her a Barbie book! When she woke up this morning she wondered where her Binky went because she told me that she hid it in her bed. Our son convinced her to go find what was under her pillow ( I think he actually got it out) and when I saw her she was on the couch reading her new book. She now has told people about how the Binky Fairy came last night. When she was getting tired before lunch I knew she wanted it back but I offered her a sucker instead and she was happy with that. So far so good. We broke her of this almost a year ago but when baby #3 came she stole all of hers and restarted her habit.

Thanks to my friend Karen for this tip!


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