Thursday, April 06, 2006

40 day Journey for your church!

I am tooting my own horn here but it's my idea blog so I can! :)

My husband David wrote a book called The Fruitful Life for our church for 2005 and I am now marketing it to churches across North America primarily. There are LOTS of free resources for churches at the books very own website so churches or small groups just need to download them for their own use.

The book is 180 pages long and has a chapter a day. It is based on John 15 -- the Vine. See the website for sample chapters, more info.

There is a DVD too and it is also very well done. 1 10-15 min lesson each week for 6 weeks.

Several churches from all over the country and many different denominations have already gone through this with their whole church already.

SO pass this along to your pastor or small group leader. They are always looking for new material.

We have received many comments that this book is great for long time Christians as well as brand new believers alike and very practical.

You can order at the website...and I will be the one to get them to you! :)


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