Monday, April 17, 2006


We tried this for the first time 2 days ago. I handed out flyers to the people on our street a few weeks ago so it got on their calender. We had it at 4 pm on a Sat. which seemed to be a very good time of day to do it. They all were asked to bring a dozen filled plastic eggs to our home by 3 pm that day for each participating child. The kids were asked to bring a basket to collect their eggs. We had some extra prizes and each child could have one of those in addition to each being able to find a dozen eggs. We wrote a number on their hand before we started for 2 grand prizes( large stuffed animal bunnies). After the hunt everyone stayed for cupcakes, lemonade, coffee and other snacks. Thankfully it was a beautiful day so everyone stayed for almost a hour and a half. Everyone that had children came! A good kick off to the summer season of being out with your neighbors again.

In Sept we do a block party...the first Sat. after Labor Day. Everyone is home then and the weather is usually still very nice!


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