Saturday, April 08, 2006


We just got into Geocaching.

You need a GPS and that is about it. There are "treasures" hidden all over the world and the point is to find them. They are in your local parks mostly which makes it a nice outing. You enter the zip code where you will be ( a great thing to do on vacation too) and it will list all the caches in that area. You enter the waypoints into your GPS and try to find it. Clues are usually available if needed by decoding the message.

Once you find the treasure (if it is a traditional cache) you can take a prize out. You should however be ready to leave something as well. It is stuff around the house anyways like MC D's toys, old pins, trinkets, etc...The kids love this part!

There is almost always a log book to sign and it is fun to read. When you get home make sure to post your findings at the site. Once you begin navigating the website you will see all the options.

Have fun!! We love it! It can be frustrating at times when you can't find it but the fun is often times in the search anyways.

By the is totally free!


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